Helix Wire

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Helix Hybrid Wires from Helix Modified Parts isn't just another brand of stainless steel or n80 repackaged with a fancy label and ridiculous price tag!

Helix Hybrid Wires is a purified version of Nichrome 80 that has had the iron and other impurities removed.  Helix Modified Parts went the extra step and added an additional 6-8% nickel to lower resistance and increase malleability. (The ability to be shaped easily)

Helix Modified Parts went above and beyond and melted their purified form of Nichrome down and blended in the extra Nickel to create a true hybrid allow with a Vape Safe Composition.

20 AWG .05 ohms per inch
21 AWG .07 ohms per inch
22 AWG .09 ohms per inch
24 AWG .15 ohms per inch
26 AWG .22 ohms per inch

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