Juice Bar

Yes, we are Shreveport/Bossier's premier vapor lounge, but first and foremost... We are a juice bar! Our house e-liquids mean more to us than anything else except for our relationship with our customers. Over two years of trial and error have gone into every flavor we offer. Countless hours and thousands of dollars worth of flavor concentrates literally poured down the drain so that we could develop the tastiest flavor profiles possible. We will never try to overwhelm you with hundreds of single flavor options at the Hotbox. We prefer having a handful of great flavors that our customers could actually enjoy rather than try to impress you with an unlimited selection of boring, and most likely horrible tasting crap. Our e-liquids are made in-house and to-order so that we can control quality and taste at every turn. We've carefully crafted our flavors so that little to no steeping is required. We use only USPharma Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Natural and Artifical Food Flavoring and the finest NicSelect Nicotine. NicSelect® is naturally extracted from tobacco plants, and never synthetically produced. Some nicotine is made synthetically. Some is exported illegally from China. Where it’s from, how it’s made and the purity of the product matters – a lot. In short, the quality of nicotine impacts flavor. A low quality nicotine can have an unpleasant taste and deliver a harsh throat hit. The Hotbox is one of only a handful of in-house made e-liquids that can bare the NicSelect seal of approval! You can find us listed on their website here. http://www.nicselect.com/e-liquids-using-nicselect.

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