60ml Juices

Aqua Berry Blast
Throwback recipe, blueberries, watermelon, with a hint of ice!
Peach Snapple
Imitated and exactly duplicated!
Swamp Water
Sweet southern iced tea!
Strawberry Milkshake
Shake it up!
Straw La Gar
Fresh, Louisiana strawberries dipped in white sugar... Stem and all!
Strawberry Buttercake
Buttery, sweet yellow cake topped with strawberry frosting!
Custard Berry Cream
Cream! Berries! Custard!
Blueberry Cake Donut
No... YOU love donuts!
Chocolate Glazed Donut
Yep, weird chocolate frosting and everything!
Barney T. Rubble
Pebbles made of fruit? BAM BAM!
American Pie
As american as...
Apple Jolly Rancher
Sweet! Tart! Spot on!
Blue raspberry? Pink Lemonade? Purp!
Strawberry Lemonade
Sweet strawberries and tart lemonade. Refreshing!
Sex and Candy
White airhead? Sour patch kids? Extreme candy awesomeness!
Hubba Bubba
Yeah, pure watermelon bubblegum greatness!
Barney's Love Tonic
Watermelon lemonade with an icy finish!
Orange Cream
Juicy and sweet oranges with a mild hint of creamy goodness!
Cookie Cake
Cake? Cookies? A marriage in bakery heaven!
Peaches and Cream
Imagine a sweet canned peach topped with sweetened condensed milk!
Creamy Custard Butterscotch
Light custard base with rich butterscotch and a hint of berries!
King Cake
Fluffy Cinnamon cake smothered in rich festive frosting!
Muffin Destruction
Creamy and Tart Blueberry Yogurt!

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