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Helix Hybrid Wires from Modified Parts is the best wire for cloud chasers and flavor chasers alike. Outsells regular Kanthal and Nichrome 3 to 1 in our store!

Louisiana's own Climax Cotton is your answer for those customers who love Japanese cotton but want the ease of Cotton Bacon! Climax outsells ANY other wick in our shop almost 2 to 1 at the Hotbox!

Finally a competition battery you can offer your customers that isn't just a rewrap of some other companies cells! 212 Degree Batteries is our best-selling battery to date!

HANDS DOWN THE BEST SELLING JUICE LINE IN THE HISTORY OUR STORE! Crisp, clean and SPOT ON flavors that bring back that childlike love of candy, dessert and ice cream flavors with RESPONSIBLE LABELING! The BEST of both worlds! Nostalgic flavors from our childhood with labeling that any adult can respect!

Second only to Vape the Nostalgia, Kiwiberries from Fresh E Juice flies off of our shelves! Strawberry vapes are historically the most popular flavor profile and these guys from Los Angeles NAILED IT! Kiwiberries is a dead ringer for those little strawberry candies with the red and green wrapper that everyone loves!